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Study abroad service

Canada is one of the countries with a very developed higher education system in the world. Our professional consultants work with the instructors of our partner Gao Fei Education to provide you with professional study/study + immigration plans.

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School application and major selection

Provide you with professional consulting and application services for studying abroad in mainstream countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. According to the strengths and characteristics of students and the development trend of the job market, we will give professional professional selection suggestions. At the same time, designate a reasonable study plan and suitable study schools and communities for students. Maintain friendly relationships with major schools in the local area to improve student acceptance rates. And will guide the interview process.

Guidance and ground contact before and after landing

After successfully applying to the school of your choice, are you still a little apprehensive before landing? It doesn't matter, we will arrange itinerary guidance, provide airport pick-up, accommodation arrangements and other services. And a series of life guidance such as bank account opening and card application will be arranged as needed.

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Chinese Education and Specialty Classes

​Children of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese receive full English education from childhood, but Chinese education should receive the same attention. Language learning has a critical period, so in order to meet the demands of overseas Chinese children to learn Chinese, we have arranged 1 to 4 Chinese teaching in super small classes to ensure the participation of each student. At the same time, it also offers irregular special classes such as painting, piano and other courses to enrich the children's spare time.

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