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[NS Provincial Nominee Program]

Occupations in Demand


Program Overview


Occupations in Demand, one of Nova Scotia's provincial nominee programs, targets specific NOC C and D occupations that are in high labour market demand in Nova Scotia. TThe Office of Immigration identifies occupations in demand based on labour market information and eligible occupations are subject to change.


Program Advantages


  • Low language requirement, English or French CLB4

  • Low job requirements

  • No Canadian work experience required

  • No Canadian education required


Occupation categories

List of in-demand occupation categories in NS

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 10.46.37 PM.png

Program requirements                                            


  • Have a full-time permanent job offer from an employer in NS

  • The offered job is in the above list

  • Be 21 to 55 years old

  • Have 1 year of work experience related to the job

  • Have a high school diploma

  • Have the appropriate training, skills and/or accreditation for the job;

  • Prove language ability equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 4

  • Show enough financial resources to successfully settle in Nova Scotia


Eligible Employers


  • Registered and have a permanent establishment in NS

  • Has operated in NS for at least 2 years

Program processing time (normally 17-22 months)
Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 4.02.16 PM.png
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